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Let Us Introduce 

The Ms Ali & Mr Jesus Team

Welcome to Our home on the "go" - 
A place to journey with us as we stroll along. 
This is a Team Effort and a One in Christ Movement! Our hope in this, "The Sermon Series" is to capture The Mr. Jesus Christ as He shares with The Ms. Ali - His story and Her Story.

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Ms. Ali JKChrist

Behind the Face

God's Spirit dwells in this Place. A love song and a story of God's desire to walk with Ali and to cherish and hold her as she holds His Hand. A Father and His Daughter, a True Heart.

God has invited Ali to share with His Son, The Risen Lord Jesus, and they have become friends on this journey together. 

The Ms Ali JKChrist is a mom, a wife and a friend. 

She is loved for her pursuit of seeking Her Daddy  (God) and Knowing His Heart. 

---The Holy Spirit

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The Son of God

John 3:16

This is My Son with whom I am well pleased. The Risen Lord Jesus Christ, the Bread of Life, My Face, and Light of My Life. The Lord Jesus makes me proud and makes me smile. My Son illuminates the dark places and  loves helping share the meaning of My Word and carrying My word to my creation.  As King, he loves to  sit with my creation and  share in their story. 
He is a Husband, A Son, A Friend and A Dad. He is the Lords's High Priest, The Lion of the Tribe of Judah and The Lamb that was slain. He is the Word made flesh. 
He likes Raspberries and the hue of blue. 
He has a list of heavenly likes and also a list of his creation likes. His love for God's creation in all it's perfection is to great to explain in English. 
--- The Holy Spirit

About: Welcome
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