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The Sermon Series

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Seasoned For Life

Video Series

Follow Along with The Risen Lord Jesus Christ as He Takes Ali JKChrist on a lesson of learning about What it means, " You are The Light Of The World - A City On A Hill "


Do You Remember the Time

Video Series

That ol' story, what did it mean... why did they tell me the story, as i fell asleep to dream? 

A Journey through child hood memories and going into the meaning of it all .. 

Join Ali and The Risen Lord Jesus Christ as they embark on a true story of their own personal childhood! 


My Way - Or The High Way?

Video Series

Have you ever seen the rain ... 
Taking the cliche of My Word and distinguishing it. 
The juxtaposition of My Methodologies and Yours. 
Join The Risen Lord  Christ as He Shares with Ali His Ideas on Ideaology and teaches her about His Christo-ology.

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The Sermon Series

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