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Family Giftings


Would you like to learn more about each person and their unique gifting and or calling? ASK US FOR HELP and we will help you and The Risen Lord Jesus Christ to bring up what He has planted and still being prepared to plant. 

Children Education

School - Day Care 

We offer different educational services for all ages. Please follow the link for the details. 

Family Matters


Would you like to ask for Family Counsel but not sure how to keep it between family only? ASK US to Help you and your family work through your concerns with The Risen Lord Jesus Christ. We will help facilitate the how to and you can keep the family jewels hidden with Jesus. 

Midwife + Services


Are you looking for help to prepare for your physical new born ? We offer A Dual type of service. SPIRITUAL MIDWIFERY - Family support for Godly birth prep and planning. This service is to help in spiritual service and also in physical service. Ask for more info if you would like to learn about this service. 


What Matters the most 

The Hot Topics of Coming of Age are important. Whether you want to talk about it or you need to have the talk, we can assist your family in sorting through the Hot Topics with The Risen Lord Jesus Christ help. 


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