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For Jesus and His Bride 

Find a Spot, Chat with our friends, and Lean In to hear what's on our Father's heart.  Our Lord Jesus will be leading us in these meet ups. 

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NIGHT Church Service

Saturday Night Church Service with The Risen Lord Jesus Christ.  

Colorful Fish


We offer 2 different opportunities to collaborate with The Risen Lord Jesus Christ. 1. My Prayer Closet 2. Heart - Art * Prayer 


Grief and Justice

Meetings 2022. Contact for more info or visit the link for more details. 

Working Out Worship

" Working Out Worship"  Exercising and staying In Shape with the Risen Lord Jesus Christ. 

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Street at Night

Bible Study

These meet ups will include Teaching from The Holy Spirit. 



2pm - 6pm Sunday Afternoon Church Service


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Floating Hearts

The Sound of The Father's Heart