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Grief & Justice Support Group


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Why Do We?

What is our hope? What is our focus?
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"This is a Support Group for those who wish to share their journey and support eachother through compassion and justice."

The Compassion Justice League

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Introduction to Grief and Justice

Class for Beginners

The goal of this group is to help develop an attitude of commitment, responsibility, perseverance, confidence, and respect as the person develops a "Compassion Justice" posture. The beginning of this journey will take courage and the development of new skills. Do you have what it takes to begin the journey?


Intermediate Class

"Calculating the Big Picture"

This intermediate group will be focused on:
1. Identifying Key Topics that relate to the process and development of healing.
2. Setting up Structure and laying out the blueprints of the Heart and Home of the person.


Advanced Class

"Restored to Peace"

This group will be at the advanced stage in dealing with the matters at hand. There will be a focus of law and justice.
The time in the group will be spent on moving forward in restoration.

With All Your Heart

Become A Facilitator

Maximize Your Skillset

For opportunities to become a Facilitator, training is supplied by The Son's Hat.
Ask today about how you can become a Facilitator.


Our League

The Compassion Justice League

The Son's Hat presents their Grief and Justice Support Group, " The Compassion Justice League" . This is one of many services available. Visit The Son's Hat to learn about the different services available.  Simply :  The Compassion Justice League is a service offered by The Son's Hat. 

The Son's Hat program,  The Compassion Justice League is available for in person meetings. Meetings will also include meet ups in various areas. Members of the program will be informed of the details for the meet ups. 

The Son's Hat offers members access to group discussion forums and support for all services. 

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With All Your Heart

Weekend Meetups

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Weekday Meetups


Online Meetups

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"History Matters"

The C-J League

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